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The apprentice company presents up to three outdoor productions from the classic repertoire and studio workshops - all under the guidance of professional directors and writers. In addition, wide ranges of new works written and/or directed by members of the apprentice company are presented as readings and workshops.


Crew hours on the professional productions are required of all apprentices, with participation based on individual schedules, talents, and interests. Crew consists of helping to build and paint sets, hang lights, strikes, etc. With this aspect of participation  in the professional program we are able to offer points in the Equity Membership Candidacy program (EMC). For more information about EMC visit thier website. Apprentices will also be directly involved in the design and implementation of all elements of their own productions.

Professional Season

As members of the company, apprentices have access to all of the new work that is going up during the season. Being a part of the process of shaping a new play and seeing the result is what makes artists return to Vassar each summer, and it’s also what makes the apprentice experience valuable for fledgling writers, directors, and actors.

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