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Good Grief

June 24 at 8pm

In the Susan Stein Shiva Theater

By Lorien Haynes
Directed by John Slattery

Good Grief is a romantic comedy - about grief. Four Weddings With A Funeral - it’s sharp, funny, brutal, irreverent and quintessentially British. In the aftermath of Liv’s untimely death, her boyfriend, Adam and her best friend, Cat begin a secret affair; hiding from Liv’s sister Sally, with whom they’re attempting to negotiate everything between a raucous wake and releasing her worldly goods to the Jewish Women’s League. Running the gauntlet of the five stages of grief, the thirtysomething trio compete for who ranks highest on The Grief Meter, reveal hidden unspeakable truths and fail to agree on epitaphs and the allocation of earrings. Ending up in cupboards, in bed, on trains and in the emptiest Indian restaurant in England, Good Grief explores how the young are ill equipped to lose each other. And whether, when you’ve lost the love of your life, your sense of humour can keep you alive.